Mexico Luis Ordonez

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It's our second season serving Luis Ordoñez's gorgeous coffee, and this years crop does not disappoint! This coffee is not your typical Mexican coffee, and stands a head above. 

(Pictured) Don Luis Ordoñez Pérez, his wife, Grisalia Mazariegos Riuvadeneyra, and two of his four children, Meynor and Migdalia. His two oldest, Edilsar and Rony live in Michigan.
Don Luis has been farming in the mountains of Chiapas for 25 years on one of the most beautiful farms you will find in Mexico. Through the course of his career he has faced the many trials of the coffee industry but he persists with the enthusiasm of a much younger man. His hopes and dreams have not been deterred and he still pursues the highest quality coffee. 


Flavor Profile
Luxury - Top Shelf
Comfort - Round & Smooth 

Cupping Notes
Dried Plum, Mulled Wine, Dark Chocolate


Recommended Recipe
Brew Method Tip:   Kalita Wave- Medium Fine, Dose: 28g, Pour: 470ml (50-60ml pulsing pours until 470ml), Brew Time: 3:00 min