Colombia El Vergel Estates "The Giant" Pacamara

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This coffee was produced in Fresno, Tolima by El Vergel Estates. Shady Bayter of El Vergel sent us samples of this and a few others of his beautiful coffees straight from the farm earlier this season. Shady and Elias thrive on technology and innovation and it’s evident in everything they do. The coffees they produce at El Vergel are unique in both in varietal and process. Their attention to detail in fermentation brings flavors unlike anything we've previously tasted on the cupping table.

Also unique is their commitment to streamlining the process from farm to cup. By importing their coffees directly to the states, they control how the coffee moves, as well as how it’s marketed. Fewer hands touching the coffee means less chance for something to go awry before it gets to you, the customer.

This coffee was fermented in an oxygen free environment. Many are working to understand and better control this process, and El Vergel Estates are doing their part to further this science. Meticulous documentation of fermentation times and temperatures, along with diligent experimental research of specific microbial influences on the cherries during fermentation allows them to target specific fruit flavor profiles within the coffee without adding anything to the fermentation tank besides the coffee itself.

This lot, processed by Elias Bayter, was fermented in sealed tanks, producing a cherry/berry-like fruitiness and sweetness, and a winey cacao quality that anaerobic coffees often showcase.

Flavor Profile
Luxury - Top Shelf

Cupping Notes
Rainier Cherry, Raspberry Cocoa, Watermelon Gumball

Anaerobic Natural

Fresno, Tolima, Colombia


1450 MASL

Brew Recommendation
Filter / Drip