Competition Series - Cafe Inmaculada Gesha Natural

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Competition Series - Cafe Inmaculada Gesha Natural  

We tasted this delicate coffee at Cafe Inmaculada on our trip to Colombia this summer and are excited to feature this small lot as one of our Competition Series!

Gesha arabica coffee, like all the other arabica varieties, is originally from Ethiopia and known by its locals as Gesha. The coffee was first brought to Kenya and later to Tanzania. From there it was brought to Costa Rica in 1953 and finally to Panama in 1963 in the hands of coffee producer, Don Pachi.

This is a perfect example of Cafe Inmaculada's signature ultra clean natural processing, and showcases the varietals sweet, clean, delicate side.

Aromas, Flavors, and Textures: 
Delicate, Rambutan, Green Tea, Light Caramel, Coffee Blossom

10oz / 284g

Orders ship based on demand, once a full roast is ordered. Coffee will ship within 24 hours of its roast date. Limited supply, order yours today!