Competition Series - Finca Deborah Symbiosis

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Competition Series - Finca Deborah Symbiosis

Finca Deborah's Carbonic Macerated Natural Geisha called "Symbiosis", grown and processed by Jamison Savage was featured in the finals of both the 2022 US Barista Championship and the US Brewer's Cup Championship(top 3 in both comps!). We have had the pleasure of working with Jamison several times over the last couple years and this coffee is just as stunning as any we have seen from him.

Very limited supply!!! Only twenty 4oz bags and then it's gone!!!!

Don't miss out!

Clean, sparkling acidity, florals of rose & white flowers, sweet raspberry jam, Concord grape, lime zest, fruity 70% fine dark chocolate, medium bodied, and velvety smooth.

4oz / 113g - $42


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