Honduras Rossana Emperatiz Zelaya

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A beautiful example of the Honduran varietal parainema, this coffee hits for both comfort and adventure. This is one of two coffees we have offered this year from the Honduran Coffee Alliance, exported by Boncafe, and imported by our friends at Osito.


Cupping Notes:  Green Tea, Meyer Lemon, Graham Cracker

Region:  El Paraiso, El Paraiso

Producer: El Recuerdo - Rossana Emperatiz Zelaya Lopes

Elevation:  1500 MASL

Varietal: Parainema

Process:  Washed

Brew Method Tip:  

Kalita Wave - Grind: Medium Fine (Table Salt), Dose: 28g, Pour: 470ml (50-60ml pulsing pours until 470ml) 205 degrees Brew Time: 3:00 minutes