Mexico Finca Chelin - Tres Geishas

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CURRENTLY SOLD OUT. There will be one FINAL roast in the upcoming weeks. Keep an eye for pre-orders!

Mexico Finca Chelin - Tres Geishas 

You don't want to miss this limited edition 3-pack of experimental processing on Finca Chelin's beautiful geisha varietal. Enrique Lopez is a true innovator and processed his coffee 22 different ways this year, and these Carbonic Macerated Black and Red Honeys, along with the Hydronatural Honey Process are stunning.

Mexico often gets overlooked for quality coffee, and Archetype has been vigilant in our effort to source some real beauties this year, with Isaiah sneaking in one last origin trip to Oaxaca before the pandemic hit. These 3 geishas were the highlight of the trip and were intended to be contenders for the 2020-2021 competition season. With the competition suspended this year due to the coronavirus we are opening up our entire supply to our customers for you to share and experience with friends and family over this holiday season!

$49 - 12oz/340g (3 x 4oz bags)