Colombia El Fénix Natural Process Pink Bourbon

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 In 2016 Archetype supported  Raw Material's kickstarter for their rare varietal farm in Calarcá, Quindío, Colombia. This unique farm and mill are doing amazing things not only for further pushing the boundaries of organic coffee farming and processing, but also for the surrounding community, including a community wet mill that processes neighboring farms cherries, a strong focus on education, and even bringing ecotourism to the farm to help support its local community.

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Archetype chose to invest in 1000-tree Pink Bourbon lot, and are ecstatic that we finally get to share the first harvest with you! We were allowed to choose how the coffee was processed, so we opted to split it evenly between washed, honey, and natural. The results are stunning!


Flavor Profile
Adventure - Pointed & Punchy

Luxury- Top Shelf

Cupping Notes
Raspberry, Watermelon Candy, Black Cherry Juice


Calarcá, Quindío

Pink Bourbon

1700-1900 meters