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Colombia Narino Amparo Paz

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La Orqueta, the farm of Amparo Paz, is nestled in the the village of Chilcal, in the department of Nariño, Colombia.  When we had the pleasure of sampling and cupping this 10 bag lot it was our favorite on the table. We immediately bought the whole lot.  We are proud to offer this stunning example of Colombian coffee as an Archetype Coffee exclusive!

Cupping Notes:  Mandarin Orange, Dark Brown Sugar, Creamy
Region:  Chical, La union, Narino
Producer:  La Orqueta - Amparo Paz
Elevation:  1800 MASL
Varietal:  Colombia
Process:  Washed
Brew Method Tip:   Kalita Wave- Medium Fine, Dose: 28g, Pour: 470ml (50-60ml pulsing pours until 470ml), Brew Time: 3:00 min