Competition Series - Diego Bermudez Letty Geisha

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Competition Series - Diego Bermudez Letty Geisha

This geisha is quite possibly the most unique coffee we've ever tasted. Diego Samuel Bermudez is an up-and-coming rockstar coffee producer in Colombia, and is not only growing some beautiful coffee, but blazing a trail in processing with his proprietary equipment and techniques.

If you struggle to taste specific flavors in coffee this will be an eye-opener for you. It's the definition of yellow stone fruit.

Peach in every form - fresh peach, peaches canned by your grandma, stewed peach, baked in a pie, a crisp, or a tart, peach preserves, peach gummies, etc. It's ALL the peaches. Then add in some mango, and some other tropical notes and round it out with vanilla, and those classic geisha florals.


4oz / 113g - $25

8oz / 227g - $49

Flavor Profile
Luxury - Top Shelf

Adventure - Pointed & Punchy

Cupping Notes
Ripe Peach, Mango Lassi, Vanilla Malt

Thermal Shock Natural

Finca El Paraiso,  Diego Bermudez 

Los Arados, Piendamo, Cauca


1700-1900 meters

 A little about Diego and his operation from the good folks at Coffee Quest:

"Finca El Paraiso, as the name itself suggests, is the exceptional heaven of growing and processing coffee. Diego Bermudez is the man behind and a true genius, whose work is constantly filled with innovative ideas. Aside from him, his family shares a similar entrepreneurial, scientific and enthusiastic spirit.

Finca El Paraiso is a family operation. Diego Samuel and his family have worked together to create a range of high-quality coffees with unparalleled consistency. The crew consists of 4 family members, and 8 employees, that focus on implementing technologies in all aspects of coffee production. 

They follow the fertilization programs strictly according to the necessities of their trees and they have developed advanced fermentation, washing techniques and using self-collected micro-organisms. Diego has even developed his own environmentally friendly driers that work on a condensation principle.

Diego is the true farmer of innovation whose approach is purely scientific. He was one of the firsts in Colombia to start experimenting with fermentation processes, by adding different types of microorganisms and yeasts. By now Diego has developed more than 10 replicable protocols (recipes), so he can produce his profiles on demand.

The basis for this is a strict regimen of almost industrial-style processing where cleanliness and a controlled environment are key. All cherries are washed thoroughly with filtered water to remove all microorganisms present on the skins. After that, he introduces his own recipes of microorganisms into the fermentation process based on a organic compound analysis done on the the cherry contents. He then controls the level of fermentation by keeping track of temperature, PH, pressure and other environment variables.

To this point, it’s important to state that certain flavor compounds found in the coffee have not been added, rather they are intentionally formed during the fermentation process using molecules from already present compounds."

(So, when this coffee tastes like peaches, it is completely due to how Diego is processing, bringing out flavors that already exist in the coffee and just need to be coaxed out through his meticulous process.)