Competition Series - Finca Deborah Symmetry

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Competition Series - Finca Deborah Symmetry

On our coffee journey there are coffees that affect us deeply, quickly becoming new benchmarks for measuring all other coffees. It doesn't mean we don't love, appreciate, and enjoy more traditional coffees...because we at Archetype love all our children the same. It just means those other coffees haven't stopped time for us, etching an extraordinary taste experience deep in our coffee loving psyche. We believe all true coffee, food, and drink lovers have these experiences stored deep in their subconscious whether they know it or not, eagerly awaiting for that moment in time again to stop and dethrone their #1.
Finca Deborah's Carbonic Macerated Natural Geisha called Symmetry, grown and processed by Jamison Savage is one of those benchmarks for us. To this day, it is the best espresso we have ever tasted, and the coffee by which we now measure all other shots of espresso. This coffee helped Isaiah earn the ranking of 5th this year at the US Coffee Championships. It's our honor to be able to share it with you this upcoming week on our 6th year anniversary.
We hope that this coffee will have the same impact on you as it has on us.

Sparkling lime acidity, florals of rose & white flowers, sweet raspberry jam, Concord grape, fruity 70% dark chocolate, light bodied and silky.

3.52oz / 100g

LIMITED EDITION COFFEE! Pre-orders for a singular roast session only. Once coffee sells out it will be roasted and shipped within 24 hours of its roast date. Limited supply, order yours today!