Competition Series - Finca Inmaculada Coffea Eugenioides

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Competition Series - Finca Inmaculada Coffea Eugenioides 


Archetype was the first to bring Eugenioides to the US Coffee Championship stage. We had frozen this lot and intended on using it in competition once again this year, but after roasting it we feel this coffee is too rare for us not to share it with a few fortunate souls. We have thirty 4oz bags of Baby Eugene(as we like to call it) to send out, then it's gone forever!

 Coffea Eugenioides is one of Arabica’s unique and tasty parents. This natural processed eugenioides was rescued and cultivated by Finca Inmaculada in Pichindé Colombia situated at 1900-2000 masl on the easternmost part of the Northern Andes. 

Eugeniodes is a completely different species of coffee with its own unique brand of flavors. This is truly a rare coffee and worth the adventure. 

Flavors of Papaya, Bubble Gum, Birthday Cake Batter, Cap’n Crunch Crunchberry cereal. 

4oz / 114g - $49

Coffee is roasted and ready to go! Get it while it lasts!

Note: The packaging has slightly changed since last released. Same beautiful box, newly designed bag and label, no strap on the box.