Competition Series - Rwanda Umusazi

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Competition Series -Rwanda Umusazi

Vintage Reissue!!! 

We saved some of our cold storage reserve of this precious coffee for a surprise release. Only 40 4oz bags. If you didn't get to taste it back when it helped our barista Paul Menefee place 4th in the US back in 2020, you should get onboard now! 

Umusazi means: foolish, crazy, something is wrong in your head. 

Eric Wright started using this word after another processor told him he was crazy for processing with this kind of extended anaerobic fermentation, and that he was ruining the coffee. However, we know he was absolutely on the right track!

Aromas, Flavors, and Textures: 
Raspberry, Candy Sweet, Blood Orange, Belgian Lambic

$20 - 4oz / 114g