Nicaragua - Finca Un Regalo de Dios Yellow Catuai Natural

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FRESH CROP Nicaragua Finca Un Regalo de Dios Yellow Catuai Natural
Finca Un Regalo de Dios is located in the Dipilto-Jalapa mountain range with the farm elevation ranging from 1,350 to 1,800 MASL. The care and processing that goes into every lot that is processed in this farm is second to none, with careful detail at every stage. Starting with optimal cherry picking at the farm level all the way through carefully controlled fermentation and drying.
The producer of this coffee, Luis Alberto, is no stranger to producing exceptional coffees. He won 1st place in the Nicaragua Cup of Exellence in 2019, placed 1st and 5th place in 2018, as well as13th and 3rd place in 2017.


Flavor Profile
Adventure - Pointed & Punchy

Luxury - Top Shelf

Cupping Notes
Milk Chocolate, Buttery Toffee, Spiced Pear


Dipilto, Nicaragua

Yellow Catuai

1350 -1800 meters