Ecuador Finca Bruhwer Natural

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Indulge in this exclusive natural process coffee from Finca Bruhwer in Ecuador! Brimming with bold, super-fruity and winey flavors, take an adventure and explore the depths of this dark chocolate, floral elixir.

This is Archetype's second-time featuring Finca Bruhwer's natural process, and we are super excited about this one!

This coffee is in limited supply and won't last long, so enjoy it while you can!

Flavor Profile

Adventure - Exotic, Pointed, Exciting

Luxury - Top Shelf

Cupping Notes
Blackberry, Syrupy Sweet, Natural Wine


Quilanga, Loja, Ecuador


1,900 MASL


From the importer:

"Finca Bruhwer is located in Quilanga, Loja, Ecuador and run by Karla Garcia and her partner. The farm sits at an elevation of approximately 1,900 meters and consists of 3 Ha of coffee, all planted with 100% Typica (or "criollo" as they call it in Ecuador). Upon cherry arriving to the wet-mill, the washed lots are fermented for 48 hours and then taken to dry on African beds, inside parabolic dryers for approximately 15 days, depending on the climate. The natural lots are dried between the sun and the parabolic dryers, for approximately 20 days. The operation is more than just a farm and is run by two partners who also buy in cherry for a local roasted brand that they have in Ecuador. They buy from neighbors near their other farm, in Zamora, but they are interested in potentially buying cherry from neighbors in Quilanga, whom also have farms at higher elevations with lots of Typica. We are several years into working with Karla and we are super excited about future harvests; not only the continual improvement in quality at their farms, but new varieties that should enter in production over the coming years. This year we purchased both washed and natural lots from Finca Bruhwer."