Ecuador Los Reyes F1 Hybrid

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Ecuador has always been one of our favorite origins. It often reminds us of what Ethiopian coffee would taste like if it were grown in South America. Often delicate and nuanced, like a fine tea, but with tons of structure and sweetness.

This fine example of Ecuadorian coffee comes from producer Jose Antonio and his farm Finca Los Reyes.  It's floral, and reminiscent of black tea, citric with a candied orange sweetness, and a touch of toasted almonds.


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Flavor Profile

Comfort- Round & Smooth

Luxury - Top Shelf

Cupping Notes
Floral, Black Tea, Candied Orange 


El Nogal, Loja, Ecuador

F1 Hybrid

1460 MASL


From the importer:

"Ever since Jose Antonio was 9 years old, helping his father in the coffee fields has been his passion. He learned the craft from him and carried out his example of hard work and dedication to this day.

Five years ago, he decided to embark on his own coffee-growing Quest, buying a piece of land, and also making it his home. And as his father did with him, he does the same with his family: everyone is involved in coffee production, from hand-picking to processing. Jose Antonio says he wants them to explore the world and go to college, but he first wants them to learn their family’s craft. 

His farm, Finca Los Reyes, has now gained recognition, especially this past year when he won the “Bracamoros Coffee” competition, a prize that also boosted his morale. 2024 marked the start of our relationship, and we are looking forward to future harvests!"