Honduras Elias Hernandez Parainema Natural

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We sourced this striking natural processed coffee through Honduran coffee legend, and our friend, Benjamiz Paz. Benjamin has been recognizing and building up new talent in Honduras, and Elias Hernandez is just that, as an up and coming producer growing one of our favorite varietals that's being cultivated in Honduras - Parainema.

Tons of black fruits, with citric acidity. It's boozy,  just a touch earthy, and sweet as can be. 

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Flavor Profile
Adventure - Pointed & Punchy

Cupping Notes
Blood Orange Sangria, Chocolate Liqueur, Black Cherry


San Luis Planes, Santa Barbara, Honduras


1400 masl


Notes from the importer:

" Elías's father began growing coffee on this property in the late 1980s, acquiring 21 hectares, of which he took 14 to coffee plantations. Since his childhood, Elías worked with his father on the farm, which allowed him to develop a passion and love for growing coffee.

Unfortunately, 12 years ago, Elías's father passed away, and his brothers showed no interest in continuing to work on the farm. At one point, they considered selling the property.

However, Elías decided to preserve his father's legacy and continued working, renovating the old Pacas plantation. However, his efforts were frustrated when a strong outbreak of Rust affected almost the entire Pacas coffee plantation.

Despite the difficulties, Elías never gave up. In 2018, he planted a plot with Parainema coffee as an alternative to Rust, since this variety is resistant and reduces costs and management efforts.

Since then, Elías has tried without success to prepare and find a market for his coffee in the world of specialty coffees. It was not until 2022 that, through the Honduran Coffee Institute (Ihcafe), he was able to connect with Benjamin Paz, who tried his coffee and found a buyer willing to pay a fair price for his coffee.

Now, Elías is motivated thanks to the opportunity he has found with his buyer and the special coffee. He wants to take advantage of it to continue working and prepare all the coffee on his farm as specialty coffee, experimenting with new processes, and improving the management of his farm.

His dream is to bring his entire Parainema plantation to the optimal level, diversify with new quality varieties, and expand to other crops until the farm reaches the vision that his father had for it."