Hondurus Alexis Sagastume

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Alexis' story is quite special. He was one of those farmers who decided to do specialty coffee during the Leaf Rust attack in 2011-2012. His Pacas and Catuai farm was destroyed and he barely had resources to recover it and start from zero. He renewed the farm with a new leaf rust resistant hybrid called Parainema developed by the Honduran coffee institute, with high production yieldings and a very interesting cup profile. This is Archetype's third time working with Alexis and we are very proud to be serving what we believe is one of the best Honduran coffees we've ever tasted.

Cupping Notes:  Smooth, Shortbread, Malted Milk Candy

Region:  El Dorado, Santa Barbara

Producer: Beneficio San Vincente - Alexis Sagastume

Elevation:  1465 MASL

Varietal: Parainema

Process:  Washed

Brew Method Tip:  

Kalita Wave - Grind: Medium Fine (Table Salt), Dose: 28g, Pour: 470ml (50-60ml pulsing pours until 470ml) 205 degrees Brew Time: 3:00 minutes