La Palma y El Tucan - Heroes Series Geisha

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La Palma y El Tucan - Heroes Series Geisha

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If you have followed the US and World Barista Championships the past 5 years, you know that La Palma y El Tucan are no strangers to the podium. There is a reason why some of the best baristas in the world have chosen to use their coffees--excellence, innovation, and dedication to their community by bettering not only their farm, but the neighbors that surround them. La Palma &  El Tucán is a farm, mill, and coffee tourism destination tucked in the mountains of Zipacon, Cundinamarca. The farm’s name indicates the concept at the core of their operations: symbiosis, where actions are mutually beneficial. The same way that palm trees and toucans exist in a balanced relationship within their habitat, La Palma & El Tucán approaches the coffee ecosystem through sustainable production, innovative processing, and inviting everyone along the supply chain to visit the farm and see for themselves all that a coffee producing environment can be.

On the farm, La Palma takes an Agroecological approach by growing more than coffee. The vegetable gardens, compost production, biochar production, water filtration, methods for fertilizing coffee trees, various shade tree species, and overall biodiversity of plant and animal life on the farm are indicators of permaculture principles in practice. After proving the efficacy of these practices through producing some of the most exceptional dynamic coffees year after year, La Palma is sharing this wealth of knowledge with their neighbors helping them to elevate their coffees as well. 

The first time we tried their coffee at US Coffee Champs 5 years ago we knew their coffees were special. Leading up to this year we hadn't found the right coffee to add to our line-up until we tasted La Palma's fresh harvest of Heroes Series Geisha and Sidra. Sidra, an award-winning varietal, is a hybrid of Red Bourbon and Typica. It has acquired the syrupy sweetness and body of the Red Bourbon while still showcasing the bright crisp acidity of Typica. The Sidra reminds us of sipping on a beautiful orange wine boasting bruised apples, orange blossom honey, and subtle dried fruits. The Geisha we chose is the quintessential example of the varietal: clean & floral, with sparkling, juicy acidity. It has aromas of white peony, with delicate flavors of citrus lightly infused with fresh herbs, and a soft honeysuckle sweetness. 

We can't wait to share Archetype's take on these famed, extraordinary coffees with you!

6oz / 170g

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