Honduras Nelis Martinez Washed Pacas

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We sourced this coffee with the help of legendary Honduran coffee producer Benjamin Paz. Not only does Ben produce amazing coffees of his own, he spreads his knowledge, wisdom, and joy of producing coffee to other up-and-coming farmers in Honduras.

Nelis is one such farmer that has produced this amazing washed pacas offering after working with Benjamin. The pacas is so sweet and clean it often reminds us of a mashup of washed Ethiopian and Panamanian coffee. This is a beautiful example of how support and education from one Honduran farmer to another can lift up growers and help them produce fantastic products that help them build a legacy

A few words from Nelis:

"I had a very nice childhood, I lived and grew up in this community working in the coffee farms with my parents; when we came home from school, we always helped my father with the work in the wet mill, like washing and drying coffee.

Also on vacations, he would take us to pick coffee at his farm and also to other farms where he was hired.

Many years ago, my father inherited a plot of his land, and the rest I bought with the help of my children; Since I had the farm things had not gone so well due to the prices of conventional coffee, and I felt discouraged to continue; But 6 years ago, a neighbor of El Cedral told me that he sold his coffee very well as special. He helped me get in touch with Benjamin Paz and that year I sold my first micro-lot of specialty coffee.

Since then, my motivation has changed, now I feel more enthusiastic to continue growing coffee, because of the potential and value that my coffee has and to continue the legacy that my father left us."

Cupping Notes:  Clean, Butter Brickle, Golden Delicious Apple

Region:   El Cedral, Las Vegas, Santa Barbara

Producer: Nelis Martinez

Elevation:  1560MASL

Varietal: Pacas

Process:  Washed