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Archetype Tote Bag

The Everyday Bag

These quality 4-oz cotton totes are perfect for the gym, returning library books, buying coffee, and of course grocery shopping. This reusable tote can be folded flat for easy storage on the floor of your car or a fancy front closet hook. Get green and use a tote today.


What's Happening

The owner, Isaiah Sheese, and roaster, Jason Burkum will be representing Archetype Coffee at the 2018 U.S. Coffee Championships in Seattle. Isaiah placed second overall in the U.S. Coffee Champs Regional Barista competition, while Jason also finished second overall in the Taster's Cup competition in New Orleans this past February. They are both stoked and nervous to compete at Nationals.  Read More

Alexis Sagastume


Great atmosphere, friendly staff and phenomenal coffee! I've been following on Instagram for a while & loved being able to finally visit last time I was in Omaha. Will definitely be making it a habit to stop by whenever I'm in town!

Alyssa A.

Went in for a coffee, stayed for a buttered biscuit with cinnamon and sugar.

Kelsey K.

I had heard that they have some breakfast options on Sunday. They had a biscuit sandwich with mushrooms, eggs and goat cheese. The biscuit was excellently baked.  It was super fresh and was just the right amount of flaky. I loved it!!!

Shreya R.

This spot has it all - friendly and knowledgeable staff, great atmosphere, modern and sleek design, and of course, stupendous coffee. This is must visit if you live or are visiting in the area.

Mick P.

If you want fantastic nitro brew, lattes, or home brewed chai, Archetype is the place to go in Omaha. Archetype is simple and bright on the inside, a nice place to clear your head and focus on the work in front of you. Their patio is perfect for sipping coffee with your pup next to you.

Kate F.