Making Coffee Better


Yeah Summer!

We have an amazing Colombian this season from Nariño. Producer Amparo Paz has delivered a balanced, high scoring coffee that disguises itself as an easy going daily drinker.  So approachable with a mandarin orange acidity, dark brown sugars, and a huge creamy body.


Brew It with Precision.

We want to make the world not only a tastier place, but a better place. How do we plan to do that? First off, we get to know the farmers growing our coffee. Second, we partner with them, roast their coffee with the utmost care. Brew it with precision. Serve it with the best customer service, and tell the farmers' story. 


Now Available - Discover new coffee every month shipped directly to your doorstep. Choose monthly or bi-weekly offerings of our fresh roasts from one of the following categories: Comfort or Adventure, or both!

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From the artful pours to the relaxing and bright atmosphere, Archetype is an all around fantastic coffeehouse. The fact that the staff often play obscure vinyl records for the patrons to listen to is incredibly charming to me.

Will S. - Omaha, Nebr.

I've scoured America this past year, from Seattle to NYC to San Fran...Archetype tops the list. Not only do they roast great coffee, but they give the necessary attention to keeping it great through the brewing process.

Mark G. - Covington, LA