Prototype - Luxury Super Blend

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Coffee blends have always served a purpose. Typically blending provides a way for roasters to develop a flavor profile by using different coffees in specific roles as they become available seasonally. This creates a familiar brand for the customer, but rarely do these kinds of blends offer the clearly defined tasting notes we associate with single origin coffees in the specialty coffee world. 

At Archetype we often have experimented with blending our one-of-a-kind competition series coffees with our standard offerings, but only secretly for our own enjoyment.  We discovered that using world class coffees and blending them to specifically compliment the unique flavors they offer creates entirely new explosions of coffee magic! 

We have finally decided to share this with the world...

Introducing Prototype, Archetype's luxury super blend of experimental coffee alchemy. 

Expertly blended, featuring coffees most would fear to blend, this super blend will blow your mind. Market price. Full transparency of blend components. Limited runs.

Prototype #1 features La Palma Geisha Natural, blended with our Ethiopia Rogicha Natural.

$42 - 12oz


Flavor Profile
Luxury - Top Shelf

Cupping Notes
Jammy, Wild Flowers, Dried Cherries, Velvety

Natural + Carbonic Macerated Natural

Cundinamarca, Colombia / Guji, Ethiopia

Geisha, Ethiopian Heirloom

1900+ masl