Ethiopia Chelbesa Lot #6

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The Chelbesa Washing Station is directly supported by 486 smallholder farms, which grow their coffee either in semi-forest conditions (farmers pruning and tending to naturally growing coffee trees in forest area) or garden conditions (coffee trees cultivated and tended near a farmer's residence). By sourcing exclusively from these farms, They are able to create new opportunities for smallholder farmers whose coffee might not have been marketable as premium specialty coffee. Giving farmers access to state of the art processing through their washing stations creates value for farmers while building consistency and quality.

This Chelbesa Lot #6 is classic washed Ethi through and through with lavender, lemon balm, and wild bergamot, showcasing all the hard work and attention to detail that is going into the coffee at the Chelbesa Washing Station. 

Producer Information: 500 Small Holders

REGION: Gedeb Zone, Yirgacheffe


PROCESS: Washed, Raised Beds, 15 Days Resting Period: 4 Weeks

Varietal: 1974-1975 Jarc selections & local landraces


Flavor Profile:

Adventure - Pointed & Punchy

Luxury - Top Shelf

Cupping Notes:

Lavender, Lemon Balm, Wild Bergamot Tea

Brew Method Tip:

Espresso - Grind: Espresso, Dose: 20g, Yield: 40ml, 28-30sec