Ethiopia Haroo Natural

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In the past we have gone through seasons of exclusively carrying Ethiopian coffees from the Bombe Mountains in Bensa, Sidama. However, Guji is another amazing zone in Ethiopia. These coffees are known for their bombastic flavor profiles, especially the naturals, which always have deep red fruit notes and are sugary sweet.

This gorgeous Haroo natural is everything great about Guji. Big, sugary red fruits, mixed berry jam, and dark chocolate. 


Producer Information: Haroo Waccuu Washing Station, 20 Small Holders

REGION: Uraga, Guji Zone 

ALTITUDE (MASL): 2100 -2350 MASL

PROCESS: Sun-dried Natural, dried on Raised Beds

Varietal: Ethiopia Landraces


Flavor Profile:

Adventure - Pointed & Punchy

Cupping Notes:

Mixed Berry Jam, Dark Chocolate, Sugary Sweet 


Some notes from the Importer(Coffee Quest):

"The Haroo Natural is produced at the Haroo Waccuu washing station in Uraga, Guji, which falls under the Oromia Region of Ethiopia. This area is oftentimes mistakenly known as Sidamo Guji, but instead should be known only as Guji Zone or East-Guji on its own. The approximately 20 farmers that deliver cherry to this Drying Station come from the ‘kebele’ or village known as Haroo and their farms sit at an elevation of between 2,100 and 2,350 m.a.s.l. These producers generally grow and this lot is primarily comprised of local landraces from the Guji area. Sookoo Coffee decided to name the lot after the village
where the farmers are from.

This coffee was processed by Sookoo Coffee, which is run by Ture Waji, also known as “The King of Guji”!

While this particular lot comes from Uraga, Ture and his company Sookoo Coffee also have other drying stations in Uraga, as well as Shaakkiso. All Drying Stations currently only produce natural coffees, but washed coffees are in the plans for upcoming harvests. Ture has strong connections to the land, its community, and farmers, as he grew up in the region. After studying, he started as an export and farm manager at his cousin’s farm and company Mormora, and then later at Guji Highlands Coffee. Thanks to the trade and coffee liberalization in Ethiopia, he was able to start Sookoo Coffee (formerly known as Dambi Uddo), building his first drying station and exporting his first coffee under his own brand in 2018.

Between harvests, Ture and his team educate farmers on good agricultural practices in order to help improve the quality of their cherry. His company also provides pre-harvest loans to farmers who need it; for example to pay for hired labor to do maintenance on the farm, such as weeding and planting. The Drying Stations employ a ‘woman-first’ policy and the company has built a school for the children. Roads have also been built to improve the infrastructure, which is much needed!"