New coffees, new packaging!

Archetype CoffeeIf you’ve been to either of our locations in Omaha you know we’ve been planning a changeup with our branding.  Our new bags feature our new “squircangle” logo, built from the archetypal building blocks of shape: circle, square, triangle.  We have also developed a glossary of shape codes to depict coffee processing methods and assign which of our two basic coffee profiles of comfort(circle) or adventure(triangle) each coffee falls under. The third category of luxury (square/diamond) notates our top-shelf offerings.   Be on the lookout for a full glossary of these icons and their corresponding definitions on our website in the near future! 
Speaking of our website... It has been a little forlorn for a few months, especially in the available coffee offerings department because we have been waiting to launch the new coffees with the new bags. Check Them Out!